We have a partnership with the RED Learning Coop – providers of some of the best trade union training in the movement. We now have a bespoke learning offer for all members as outlined below.

Members can make expressions of interest for courses – please send an email to mail@unionworkersunion.org.

Knowing the role of a rep

  • Main jobs/key skills
  • Rights and entitlements
  • Developing a collective approach/team working
  • Recognition and facilities
  • Local agreements
  • Policies/procedures


  • Recruitment and retention
  • Building a campaigning
  • Mentoring and developing the role of an H&S rep/Union Learning rep, Equality and Green rep

Health, Saftey and Wellbeing

  • Risk assessments
  • Conducting inspections
  • Developing strong safety committees


  • Presenting yourself with confidence
  • Representation skills
  • ACAS codes of practice
  • Interviewing members
  • Developing cross-examination techniques
  • Developing persuasive speaking skills
  • Defending disciplinaries
  • Preparing for Tribunal
  • Preparing for judicial assessments
  • Presenting at Tribunal 
  • Handling redundancy

Negotiating Skills

  • Disclosure of information
  • Research skills
  • Working in a cross union forum
  • Maintaining links with members
  • Building for and submitting a failure to agree
  • Alternative dispute resolution and early conciliation 

Employment law

  • Employment Rights Act
  • Equality Act
  • Equal Pay
  • TULR(C)A
  • TUPE
  • GDPR
  • Current case law

Industrial action

  • Building for industrial action
  • Data cleanse
  • Running an indicative ballot
  • Running a statutory ballot
  • Statutory notices
  • Running picket lines
  • Building for a rally

Continuing Professional Development Programme

  • Dealing with bullying, harassment and stress
  • Striving & thriving when working remotely
  • Supporting leaders through change
  • Supporting leaders through change
  • Women moving into management
  • BAME – Supporting workers moving into management
  • Effective Team Working
  • Cooperative Team Working
  • Coaching & Mentoring skills
  • Producing a press release
  • Speaking effectively to the media
  • Holding Effective Press Conferences
  • Leadership
  • Working in Partnerships with Trade Unions
  • Developing Critically Reflective Practise 
  • Assertiveness and Communication Skills
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Conflict Resolution – Building relationships and working cooperatively