We’re the only union set up by union workers, for union workers – we understand the complexities of working for a union organisation. If you’re part of the UK trade union and labour movement, explore which membership is best for you:

Employed member

Employed membership is for workers in trade unions, professional associations and generally any employer whose primary activities connect to the UK labour and trade union movement eg. trade union education providers, cooperatives and political parties.

  • Advice
  • Representation
  • Union democracy
  • Learning and training
  • Networking
  • Employed (standard rate) – £5.00/month
  • Employed (solidarity rate) – £7.50/month or £10.00/month
    • Members can optionally subscribe to either of our solidarity rates to help the union grow.
  • Employed (reduced rate) – £3.00/month
    • Members who work part-time or have zero hours contracts or are otherwise on an insecure or low income benefit from a 40% discount from our standard rate for the same benefits.

Associate member

Associate membership is open to trade union activists. Ideal for activists looking to transition to working in trade unions or show solidarity with your full-time officers in your union. Associate membership is not designed to replace your existing trade union membership.

Exceptionally, we will also accept associate members outside the trade union movement – we can help signpost you to an existing union for support, or help you form your own union or branch backed by one of our expert activists.

  • Advice only
  • Union democracy
  • Learning and training
  • Networking
  • Associate – £2.00/month

Retired member

Retired membership is for retired trade union officials and activists who want to support our working members with campaigns, representation and generally stay active in the trade union movement.

  • Advice only
  • Union democracy
  • Learning and training
  • Networking
  • Retired – £2.00/month

Unemployed member

Unemployed membership is for union workers who are seeking to secure alternative employment in the sector, recognising that trade union aren’t always model employers. Help your job search by staying active in the movement and accessing our training and networking opportunities.

  • Advice only
  • Union democracy
  • Learning and training
  • Networking
  • Unemployed – £2.00/month

Member benefits


Legal advice and support

We have relationships with leading law firms; Truth Legal, Blacks Solicitors and Landau Law. We also have a network of dedicated caseworkers, including retired Regional Officers.
As a listed union our members have the statutory right for an accredited UWU representative to accompany them at any formal workplace meeting. In addition to representation throughout the internal stages of your issue, subject to a merits assessment our panel of solicitors will review your case and seek the best resolution possible. 


Trade union education

We have a partnership with the RED Learning Coop – providers of some of the best trade union training in the movement. We offer members a bespoke learning offer written by trade union officials, for trade union officals.


Equality and solidarity networks

Equality networks
Equal opportunities and safe spaces are at the heart of everything we do as a union. We have a growing network of women members and a new network of black officers. Join up and join in!

Trade union reps can join us too
Associate members can access our advice and training as well as exciting opportunities for networking. Associate members can support our campaigns as we build a strong union for workers in the United Kingdom.

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