Founded by union workers, for union workers

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We’re the only truly independent union to represent union workers in the United Kingdom.

Join us to be a part of forming an independent voice to hold our employers to the same standards as we expect for our members. Founded by union workers, for union workers, we're a grassroots union that demands better from our employers.

What our members say

It’s pretty simple really. I’d like my employer to practice what they preach – on equalities, on outsourcing, on precarious work, on transparency and accountability… and more!

Put mental health first. Tackle bad management practice and move away from micro managing. Enable a good pension for people to retire at a reasonable age. Embrace flexible working.

A real and tangible commitment to equality and an end to workplace bullying.

Cut the bureaucracy, give staff the freedom to help the members. Less ‘jobs for the boys’ approach, we are sick of behind the scenes stitch ups and nepotism.

Abolish the practice of fire and rehire.

Promote people on ability, not on political affiliation.

To accept that it is reasonable for trade union principles to be applied to the way trade union employers deal with their own employees.

I want union employers to be the change they want to see in the world. Rather than telling other employers what to do, they should lead the way by example and encourage others to follow.

Protect our jobs, pay and conditions just as we do for our members.

Our membership types at a glance

MOST POPULAR Employed OPTIONAL Solidarity LOW COST Special
Representation None
Free learning and training
Union democracy
Notes 40% discount for low incomes, part-time or insecure contracts. Choose between £7.50 or £10.00 Associate, Unemployed and Retired rates for those linked to & active in the trade union movement.

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