Frequently Asked Questions for members

Where's my membership card?

We don’t issue membership cards at this time but please but be assured that if your direct debit is active, your membership is active.

What communications will I receive?

We circulate periodic all member emails with updates, elections and meetings. You may also get branch specific emails.

If you’re not receiving emails from us, please check your spam filter in the first instance. Otherwise, please contact us as we can update your communication preferences on our system.

How do I change the payment date for my direct debit?

Please contact us and we can change this for you. If you're already close to your next due date any change may not take effect until the following month.

Our payment system automatically re-attempts failed payments however this costs us more in processing fees. It's a quick process for us to change your payment date to a different time in the month that works better for you.

How do I cancel my membership?

We have membership options that cover most circumstances, including reduced and special rates (unemployed or retired).

If UWU membership is no longer right for you, you can either contact us or cancel your direct debit with us via your bank. Cancellations are effective from the date your direct debit mandate ends and refunds are only available for a full month ie. you cancel on or just before you next payment is debited. Pro rated refunds for a partial month are not available.