Our first recognition agreement is signed and all member meeting is this July

Read Time 4 mins | Tuesday 30 June, 13:29


It’s been another exciting month for the UWU, we continue to grow and now have members in 18 different unions and 7 associated employers. Building on this success, we’ve now signed our very first recognition agreement with the trade union education provider the RED Learning Cooperative. This development marks an important point in our development as the UK’s newest trade union. Under our rules UWU membership is open to any employer whose primary activities are connected to the labour and trade union movement. We also are delighted to be speaking at a RED hosted conference this week to mark the international day of co-ops. As we go forward together, the UWU will strengthen the links between our union and our co-op comrades across the sector. 

9th July

All member meeting on Thursday 9 July at 6pm.

Save the date – 9 July 2020 6pm. Following the success of our online branch meetings, the Executive recently decided to to call the very first all members meeting. Join us using the button below to find out more about the union and to contribute to our next steps. Members should check their email for joining instructions.


New look website!

Thanks to the sterling efforts of one of our newer members, the UWU website has had a facelift. The site is still a work in progress and much more content will be added in the coming weeks. Check it out and send your feedback to the union mailbox

Legal update

Following last month’s update on legal cover – the UWU now has an agreement in place with Blacks Solicitors. Following this exciting development we have also lodged our first tribunal claim for a UWU member. It’s always disappointing to reach this stage when representing members however, being able to support a claim at tribunal demonstrates the UWU is ready, able and willing to back our members and fight for their rights. The core team are working to improve this legal offer with similar agreements with other law firms and will report developments as they arise.     


Building a new union takes time… and money. As we grow, add more benefits and services to our union the demand for funds increases.

Going forward every donation to fundraising campaign gets you a snazzy enamel badge… wooooo!