Developing and growing the UWU into 2021

Read Time 3 mins | Friday 31 July, 0:43

The next phase

As we enter the second half of 2020 we begin another phase of UWU development. Following the success of our first ‘all member’ meeting in July we have identified new activists and are well on the way to setting up branches for each of the 21 unions we currently have members in. Building on this, over the past few weeks the core team has put a significant amount of work in to identifying possible grant funding for a range of exciting new UWU projects.

So far we have identified 23 different funds to apply to with funding ranging from £500-£500,000. We are realistic in these austere times about how much funding we will secure given our size and relative new-ness. Nevertheless, we are in the process of bidding for various funds and plan on reporting some good news to members soon. If you have bid writing expertise or have a great idea for funding please, get in touch.

UWU ballot box

Democracy now

We love the smell of ballots in the morning and we are delighted to announce; we are launching our first all member consultation. The union plans to move to full, open elections in 2021 but ahead of this we are canvassing members’ views on what UWU democracy looks like. The consultation is for members only – please check your email for your opportunity to share the future of UWU.

Buy a badge

UWU badges

Our shiny new enamel badges have gone down very well with UWU members. For every donation to the union we are offering a free enamel badge. Help grow the union and donate today. 

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