Member feedback, new training courses and are our workplaces really ‘Covid Secure’?

Read Time 2 mins | Wednesday 7 October, 19:20

Members speak!

Following our very first all-member survey, 27% of members responded with your thoughts on the development of the union is the months ahead. Highlights as follows:

  • 64% of responders would prefer a more direct democracy going forward;
  • Legal cover, effective campaigns & bargaining were voted as the top 3 asks;  
  • 96% want to see a fully elected Executive committee;
  • 69% said they either would or might stand for an Executive role;
  • 50% supported a move to a £5 per month membership rate;
  • 88% said equality networks should be at the heart of the UWU;
  • 70% they either would or might help convene an equality network; 
  • 54% said the UWU would be more effective with directly employed staff;
  • 85% said they either would or would consider becoming a UWU rep.

The Executive will discuss the detailed results at the meeting next week, stay tuned for updates and thank you for responding! 

New training programme launched

We’re excited to announced the launch of our new training programme in partnership with the RED Learning Coop. Members can have a look at what is available and start making expressions of interest.

Is you workplace ‘Covid Secure’?

Highlights from our recent covid survey had 38% of members responded to this survey. 

  • 100% of responders could work from home;
  • 8% have returned to occasional office working;
  • 100% want to continue homeworking at least some of the time; 
  • Yet 47% of members’ employers aren’t considering longer term homeworking; 
  • Only 66% got all the equipment they needed to work from home; 
  • Only 36% think their workplaces are covid safe;
  • Only 28% said they were consulted meaningfully over covid measures;
  • 38% said their role had changed significantly because of covid; 
  • 31% of responders said they would like to become a UWU H&S rep.  

Recruit, recruit, recruit!

Since our official launch this year, we have continued to double in size as a union. We now have members in 24 different unions and we are continuing to grow. If every member recruited a member, we’d double in size again. Will you take up the challenge?

Don’t forget, you can donate to our crowdfunder and get a free UWU badge as a thank you 🙂