Demand a fair pension at the NEU: Open letter to Dr Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretaries, National Education Union

Read Time 1 mins | Friday 11 December, 12:44

Dear Mary and Kevin,

Save our pensions!

UWU members who work at the NEU have recently been made aware of the NEU Executive planning to impose significant cuts to staff pensions.

Lower future benefits, higher costs for staff and savings for the employer.

We are ordinary working people and we’ve gone above and beyond during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and we deserve better than further cuts to our terms and conditions.

Pensions are deferred pay and are a promise for a safe and secure retirement.  You have the power to stay true to that long term promise.

Will you take the opportunity to stand up for your staff?

UWU members urgently demand genuine and meaningful negotiations (not consultations) for the future pension scheme at the NEU.

UWU Vice President Kay Nicholls on behalf of UWU members at National Education Union