UWU achievements in 2020 and a look ahead to 2021

Read Time 3 mins | Thursday 7 January, 14:35

Results of recent motions 

Happy new year! We know 2020 wasn’t the greatest year but in the UWU we are looking forward to 2021 as a year of growth and new possibilities. In terms of early next steps we can report the results of the recent all member ballots. First the motion on 2021 subscription rates; 94% of members voted for, 5% of members voted against and 1% voted to amend. As a result, the motion will be heard at the next all member meeting at 1pm on 19th January. Under standing orders please send amendments via email. The original motion will go to a vote at the meeting if no amendments are received.

Some members have already renewed their membership on the proposed 2021 rates. Should the subscription rates change following the meeting rest assured, your direct debit will be amended. 

The results of the motion on the Labour Party are as follows; in our very first ‘Brexit style’ result 44% for, 44% against 8% abstain and 4% voting to amend. This result also requires the motion be heard at the next all-member meeting. As above, please submit amendments via email in advance of the meeting. If multiple amendments are received, they will be compositied or heard in order of submission. Again, if no amendments are received, the original motion will be put to the vote. See you there!


We began this year with just 3 members in 2 different unions. As we reach the end of 2020 we have well over 100 members in 31 different unions. Our numbers increase each week and we now have functioning branches in many of union employers. There will be many more to come.

Legal cover

In addition to creating a UWU legal panel comprised of 2 leading law firms, we have just completed negotiations to add a third firm to our suite of legal cover. With the support of our legal eagles the UWU is currently running two separate claims in the employment tribunal. Updates to follow. 


We’ve signed two recognition agreements, first with the RED learning Coop, purveyors of the finest trade union education in the movement and the newly formed Criminal Justice Union. Members were quick to realise that the UWU’s relationship with sister unions as the recognised union will necessarily be different. We are the union and sister unions are the employer but ultimately, if a union is employing workers, they need representation. The UWU will provide support to all union workers, wherever they work. We will continue to seek recognition discussions other union employers however, ratification of any recognition will come before all members before agreement.    

Union training

When we started the union one of the immediate gaps we wanted to fill was the lack of free, quality union worker specific training. Many of us attend and even deliver TU education but there was a distinct lack of training dedicated to our members… until now. We’ll be firming up dates for 2021 meanwhile you can view our training program on our website here

Advice and best practice

One of the unexpected outcomes of 2020 has been the opportunity to come together as union workers from different unions to discuss internal issues and share best practice. Unsurprisingly, many of us are facing the same issues and this coming together has produced a raft of useful document sharing and guidance creation also on the website. 

Democracy now!

Following the all member consultation in the summer we have adopted a principle of direct democracy meaning  members now will be balloted on major all issues. This will include future recognition agreements, workplace campaigns, policy positions, subscription rates and much, much more. We have an exciting member ballot plan for 2021 beginning with elections to the UWU Executive. If you haven’t already, consider adding your name to the list of nominees.