Latest roundup: cases, branches and equality matters

Read Time 2 mins | Friday 14 May, 18:57

Last month’s round-up

Following a successful round of executive elections, the union’s top team have been busy reviewing and planning the year ahead. Following member ballots, we have applied to join the Global Deal and joined the call for an all-parliamentary committee to be set up to review reparations to victims of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. We’ve also been busy writing and delivering guidance and training which we’ve started offering to outside organisations. This month we’ve delivered organising training to Resist and grievance and disciplinary training to the CJWU. Our homegrown training plus our partnership with the Red Learning Coop makes our training offer even better than it was before. 


Members continue to see the UWU as their first choice for individual and collective representation. This month we’ve participated in joint workplace risk assessments, supported members with ACAS early conciliation processes, grievances, disciplinaries and dignity at work complaints. We know union employers are not all they can be but with UWU support we are securing fair outcomes for members. 

Branch work  

Executive members are picking up the pace in setting up UWU branches. Every UWU member is part of a national branch. Work is ongoing to ensure that every member has access to a local rep and/or an executive member. If you haven’t been receiving your branch meeting invites contact the team using the button below and we’ll be in touch with all the details about your next local meeting. 

Equality matters

One of the core founding principles of the Union Workers’ Union is equality. There are no cross-union networks for the paid staff of unions with protected characteristics to meet and discuss equality matters… until now. We have been working at pace to develop our equality networks for members. Last month we were proud to launch our black members’ network. This month we will be launching our disabled members’ network. Networks for women members and LGBT+ members won’t be far behind. If you can assist with this important work, we want to hear from you. Members can express interest using the button below.