NEU branch members back industrial action in a consultative ballot over pension cuts

Read Time 1 mins | Tuesday 18 May, 15:36

In a recent consultative ballot, UWU members at National Education Union (NEU) strongly supported strike action and action short of a strike over pension cuts being imposed by NEU bosses Kevin Courtney and Mary Bousted.

Despite our calls to pause the statutory consultation and to negotiate members’ reasonable demands, the NEU is set to impose retirement cuts for all staff from 1 July 2021.

Key shortfalls include:

  • The amount of pension ‘banked’ each year being ‘far off the mark’ when compared to teachers’ pensions
  • Risk of inflation cutting away at the ‘banked’ pension.

Not only is the inflation protection capped at a low 2.5%, bosses are ‘kicking the can down the road’ where the employer and trustees can agree to go over the cap – but with no detail on a framework to reach such a decision and this approach excludes any input from the scheme members themselves, or union representatives.

Branch members call this a rotten deal and the consultation has barely wallpapered over the obvious cracks. Kevin and Mary – it’s time to back down, negotiate with your own staff and avoid this dispute escalating.

Read the dispute letter