Pay at UNISON… it’s not enough. Come to our open meeting in May.

Read Time 3 mins | Thursday 13 April, 14:08

Do you work at UNISON? We are holding an open meeting for all staff employed by UNISON (branch or centrally employed) to discuss pay and progress our campaign. You don’t need to be a UWU member to attend.

Wednesday 10 May 2023, 18.00 – 19.00

Unions across many sectors are rightly campaigning on improved pay offers for workers and recent high profile pay disputes and strikes have prompted wider discussions with UWU members that pay is falling in real terms. Trade unions employ staff who are skilled in a wide range of roles, many that are found across many different sectors that are not unique to trade unions.

UWU members at UNISON were hopeful that their employer would mirror their calls for inflation-busting pay awards in the pay packets of union workers. Unfortunately, most union employers have not sought to treat their staff in the manner they expect their members to be treated.

Members in our UNISON branch have recently voted to launch a pay campaign to highlight the widening gap between pay and the rising cost of living. In a statement, UWU members at UNISON say:

“UWU members employed at UNISON have reacted with disappointment following the most recent round of internal pay negotiations. As part of the final instalment of a 2-year pay deal, UNISON staff have been awarded 2.5% from January 2023 with a further 2% in July 2023.

“UWU members report having difficulty understanding why their pay award is so paltry when UNISON has been campaigning for inflationary pay rises closer to 10% for its own members.

“UWU members understand all too well that a below-inflation pay award is a pay cut in real terms and the recent pay award is the latest in a long line of real-terms pay cuts for UNISON staff. Union workers, like any other workers, are suffering the effects of the ongoing cost of living crisis and whilst some union workers are well paid, many are not and must live on salaries on or below the national average.”

Although UWU is not yet recognised by UNISON for collective bargaining purposes, our membership continues to grow. One of our founding principles was an end to real-terms pay cuts by calling on union employers to practice what they preach.