Executive statement on sexual harassment allegations at GMB

Read Time 1 mins | Thursday 21 March, 12:32

The UWU executive has reacted with shock, but not surprise at the new allegations against GMB staff in relation to their treatment of women union workers.

Much like the wider union movement, the UWU was founded on the unshakable principles of worker equality. Yet, for too long the abuse of power by some and the silence of others has created working conditions for many union workers that would not be tolerated in any other unionised workplace.
We approach these appalling accusations by believing the alleged victims and recognising that alleged perpetrators must be considered innocent until proven guilty. 

Only a robust and truly independent external investigation can ascertain the facts and determine a just outcome. Therefore, we call on GMB to commit the funding for a truly independent external investigator with an unfettered remit to find the truth and publish all findings.

The allegations against some GMB staff are sadly, applicable to many UK unions today. Harassment and abuse are a scourge on our movement and it must end, as must the culture of fear and silence that has crushed many union workers when they speak out.

We commend the courage of union workers who speak out against abuse and call on all union workers with knowledge of misconduct to stand in solidarity with victims of abuse. We urge GMB to show similar courage and take action that brings about lasting change and safer workplaces for union workers. 

To UWU members affected by these allegations in any workplace, contact us for support.