News from the Executive - June 2024

Read Time 3 mins | Saturday 22 June, 12:00

Welcome from the new 2024-2026 executive

Solidarity greetings to all UWU members and thank you for electing us to the UWU executive committee (EC) for the next two years. This year we are joined by Marianne Quick from the UCU trade union, and returning after a short break, Tracy Edwards, our former President, working alongside Chris Musgrave who continues as General Secretary, Jon Benson, Helen Meldrum and Andrew Woodman.

We didn’t receive any nominations for President this year so, as per our rule book, the EC co-opted Tracy Edwards to take on the role again.

UWU has had a healthy rise in membership levels this year. We are in the process of agreeing four new union recognition agreements with employers in the movement and are excited to announce these developments in the coming months.

We've also launched new optional Solidarity membership where members can benefit from shopping and dining discounts with a free TOTUM Professionals Card. We're contacting existing members with more information and we're aiming to process requests for cards as soon as possible.

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Support the strikes by Unite UCU

We extend our full solidarity and support to all Unite UCU workers fighting anti union attacks, racial discrimination and toxic working conditions at that union. Although ACAS talks are taking place, if there is no movement on these issues, further strike action will be taking place:

  • ASOS commences 26 June
  • Monday 1 July
  • Wednesday 3 July
  • Wednesday 10 July
  • Thursday 11 July 

The staff have huge support from the membership in this dispute with three motions passed at UCU congress this year. We are asking all UWU members to support the staff on picket lines and solidarity messages to, @UniteUCU on X and Facebook and on Bluesky.

Donate to the strike fund

Women's Network

We can’t help but notice the widespread toxic issues prevalent across our sector. The #meTU campaign has shone a light on this very brightly but we are disappointed that despite the campaign being in existence for over two years now, things have not changed or in some cases, things have gotten worse. This is not good for the staff and the workers movement in general. 

In UWU we have been discussing the need to develop a functioning and active women’s network, led by women and survivors of violence. We have agreed to revisit the popular Sisters ot the Front charter to facilitate a discussion amongst members about the type of workplaces we want. 

There’s a real need for an independent standards agency for trade unions, that’s completely independent, to regulate employment practices, address race/gender pay gaps, uphold dignity at work and take action on discrimination in trade unions. We want to have a discussion with members on what that would look like so that we can put our own vision together and campaign to make it a reality. We plan to consult with campaign groups such as #meTU and Can’t Buy My Silence.

We plan to host events as well as work on a draft motion for members - please get in touch with your thoughts to get involved.

We also want our branches to be getting into the habit of doing short reports of union meetings or activities, we want to improve our communications and showcase to each other all the great work that is taking place in UWU at the moment.

The Executive is next meeting on 17 July and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.