Build power in your workplace

As a member led union, we win through people power and organising in our workplaces. Now is the time to get involved in your union and change your workplace for the better. Here, you can take action to get involved, read the latest member guidance, request casework support and manage your membership.

Get involved

As a member led union, we will come together to win. Become a workplace representative and take a lead in your branch and get involved in your branch campaigns.

Advice and support

Do you need advice or support? Find out more and get help by completing a casework form.

Update my details

Existing members can update membership details online. If you change your membership type we will aim to amend your direct debit as soon as possible.

Covid-19 advice

Read our advice for coronavirus.

Changes to the Employed (reduced) rate

Existing members who are paying the Employed (reduced) rate of £2.50/month will continue to do so until 1 April 2023. After this date, your payment plan will be updated to £3.00/month. Your payment day will stay the same. Affected members will be notified of upcoming changes in early 2023.

New or rejoining members who are eligible for the Employed (reduced) rate after 1 December 2022 can only join at the new amount of £3.00/month which is a 40% discount off our standard rate.


All members

Please note that we do not issue membership cards at this time. Please be assured that if your direct debit is active, your membership is active.

Members should get periodic updates by email – these are sometimes for all members or for a specific branch. If you are not receiving messages this is likely because either:
– You have opted out of communications
– We have an incorrect email address on record

Please contact for support to make sure you’re receiving emails from us.